My final blog post I chose an article from a Mediabistro blog, 10,000 Words.  Ironically this blog is about a new TV series which is meant to depict how a Broadcast Newsroom actually works.

According to the blog the new HBO Series: The Newsroom, is perfect for a

Journalism Junkie.

The blog is a good example of multimedia journalism because the preview for the show is embedded in the blog.  The blog also goes on to say,

Unlike your typical newsy-type series that is completely detached from how media actually work today…

I feel shows like this are extremely important even though it’s entertainment, because the job of a journalist is almost a thankless one.  You report the news, you inform the poeple.  However when something bad happens, it’s the media’s fault.

From what I saw in the embedded preview, the show will give viewers a true idea of what truly goes on in a news room.