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Right now the lead news story at almost every organization is the story of the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.  A few weeks ago, I wrote about a multimedia article about the Sanford police chief stepping down amidst a new controversy that he did not handle the case properly.

Now, an NBC news producer has been fired accused of stringing together audio clips in such a way that made George Zimmerman’s shooting of Martin sound racially motivated.

In the New York Times Article, NBC Fires Producer of Misleading Zimmerman Tape, the article gives a break down of what happened.  This article gives a very good example of how influential the media is on people, and how dangerous it can be when the media gets it wrong.

The article also links to three additional articles on the topic.  The first is a News Busters article on the topic.  News Busters is credited with breaking the story.  The second article is through the Washington Post.  This post is a blog which includes a link to a news segment on the internal investigation being conducted. Finally the article also links to a Reuters article on the topic.

I chose this article because it is in reference to a piece of multimedia, the 9-1-1 calls released about a particularly popular news story at the moment.  The fact that this piece of multimedia was edited in a way that was misleading to the public is a prime example of how important it is in journalism to be fair and accurate.  This case is already creating extreme tension, an edited 9-1-1 call in a “biased” way so to speak, intentional or not, only adds fuel to the fire.