Right now there is a huge controversy over the lack of arrest in the case of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.  On most news stations it is the lead story, from the rallies being held to Martin’s parents appearing on the Today Show.

Today, Wesh.com wrote an article on the temporary resignation of Sanford’s Police Chief.  Multiple rallies have been held against the Sanford Police Department because of the lack of arrest, with most of the backlash being aimed at Police Chief, Bill Lee.  Today Lee said he was resigning temporarily “in an attempt to restore calm to the community.”

The article, Sanford Police Chief Steps Down Temporarily, there are multiple elements that makes this a good multimedia piece.

First, it is a good, informational piece, and it tells you the facts of the story and what happened today.  You then have multiple videos embedded into the story.  The first is a video of the team coverage of what happened today across Sanford.  Further down there is a video of the raw press conference footage in which Lee resigns.

As you read further through the article there are multiple videos from events going on related to the case.  Last night a town hall meeting was held to discuss the issue of the police chief, in the article there is a video from that town hall meeting.

The article also includes coverage from a rally held for the teen, demanding an arrest along with a speech by Senator Gary Siplin who is demanding a private prosecutor take over the case.

The final links in the article are to previous stories on the topic, and there are many, as well as links to the 9-1-1 phone calls made by Martin’s accused killer.

I think this article is a great multimedia piece.  It tells a current, RIGHT NOW story as well as include links to previous stories to understand why this story is important.  There are also supplemental videos to show you what else is going on along with this particular breaking event.  It is also a great piece because the reader never has to leave this particular webpage, you can watch all the videos with the article itself.