In journalism today, more and more journalists are using social networking sights to promote their product.  News station anchors, reports and producers facebook or tweet what stories are coming up on newscasts; other news organizations post links to online stories, and even use the networking sights to get reader input.

In Enterprise Social Networking: Focus on Relationships (Altimeter Report), Charlene Li surveyed 185 users,  81 Enterprise Social Networking decision makers and 12 technology vendors about the impact social networking has had on their businesses in specific areas.

From looking at the key findings and poll results I found it very interesting that there wasn’t a higher impact on sales, marketing and research.  The survey shows only about 8 percent of those surveys found social networking had a significant impact on their business.  In this day in age with all the advertising you see on facebook between news organizations on ads on your personal page I was extremely shocked.

Something else I found interesting was that they asked if social networking reduced the number of emails.  I personally would find it very odd if social networking was used for company emails instead of an email program such as outlook.

Overall I found the survey and analyzed results quite interesting.  It was quite surprising to see that the social networking seemed to have a minimal effect on businesses, particularly in regards to sales, marketing and research.