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Since starting this blog for my Converged Journalism I began to follow a couple of journalism blogs, one of which is hosted by Mediabistro.  Recently Mediabistro’s blog, 10,000 Words posted a story about the Journal Register putting a new “spin” on newsroom training.

This training is called Digital Ninja School.

At Digital Ninja School, employees attend a martial arts themed media school which touches on five different areas of journalism.  Those areas are:  digital publishing, social media, blogging, video and data journalism.  However completing the training at each level is not enough, in order to move onto the next level, students must demonstrate they are applying what they have learned.

According to the Group Editor of Journal Register’s Connecticut Publications, Matt DeRienzo,

“We believe the Digital Ninja School will position graduates for career advancement and tens of thousands of dollars in additional earning potential.”

I personally compared this “crash course” to my converged journalism class.  This particular course highlights the importance of being a multimedia journalist in the field, and even offers an incentive to get their students/employees to complete the program.

This program would most certainly be beneficial to the print journalist looking to expand their resume capabilities and make themselves a more valuable asset to a company.  I think the ninja themed makes the course a little more entertaining, adding a “fun” value to it.  Even though journalists love their work and are eager to learn, learning new concepts can be challenging and even frustrating.  The ninja theme and karate belt incentives just add a little something to the course.

From reading this article, I would definitely want to partake in Digital Ninja School.  Who doesn’t want to be a “Ninja Journalist,” and show the world their stuff?