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For this weeks blog I decided to write about a blog.

Dave Winer is an American Software Developer in New York City. He keeps a blog entitled Scripting News. According to Winder’s blog, he pioneered the development of weblogs, syndication (RSS), podcasting, outlining, and web content management software – Definitely a blog to follow.

According to the blog post, Why Apps are Not the Future, “the web is dead, apps are the future.” Winer goes on to discuss how the best thing about the web is LINKING! (exactly what we’re learning how to do.)

Apps don’t Link. According to Winer no matter how “pretty” the app is, if you can’t link in and out it’s not even close to a replacement for the web. After learning in class about blogging, journalism, web, multimedia, etc. I would have to agree. The whole point of multimedia journalism is to tell a story in a multitude of ways. For example, the election. Just hearing the results on tv is boring – but thanks to multimedia journalism viewers can go to the stations website and view the results in a pie chart, or an interactive county by county map. You can also view interactive polls and even watch expert analysts on the matter (at least you can at Wesh.com)

I agree that Apps are great; they’re pretty and compact. They’re also fun to play with and try to figure out. But if you can’t link to somewhere else for simliar content, apps are no competition for the world wide web.

In a follow up article, Enough with the Apps Already, Winer writes…

Last week I read about a speech given by George Colony of Forrester Research, that got a lot of coverage. He said the web is over, and apps are the future. (BTW, when you search for George Colony on Google they’re so sure you meant George Clooney they don’t even offer the choice of George Colony.) It was that speech, plus Google’s app, plus a well-timed interstitial that got me thinking.

It’s a valid point and certainly one to think about. So now I’m left wondering, if technologiy is moving forward at such a rapid pace why do we have glitchy apps that don’t allow you to search content or link content?  Or what about the news apps for TV, New York Times, etc that only allow you to view limited content or consistently freeze…

And to prove Winer’s point.. here is a picture of a search for George Colony…


Look at that George Clooney…. Is there an app to fix that?