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Throughout the race for the Republican Presidential candidate, there have been multiple debates and rallies.  All touching on a multitude of topics as well as promises in hopes of getting elected.

The New York Times has posted an interactive list of “Catch Phrases” for the four remaining candidates in the race; Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney.

According to the New York Times, through more than 20 debates, the phrases listed have been repeated over and over again in the article, In Case You Didn’t Catch It The First Time.

What works about this article is that it gives the reader an opportunity to pick which candidate’s catch phrases they want to see.  Including when the candidate said it and where it was said.  The lists also include the catch phrase and the context it was said in.

A helpful addition to the article would have been pictures of each candidate.  Most people following the campaigns, would know exactly who each candidate is.  However, someone who stumbled upon this, living under a rock would not know who the candidates are.

Pictures would also help make a connection even for those following the debates from the beginning.  Even if one follows the debates, sometimes being slammed with the same statement over and over again, makes you tune out.  With pictures and the words and the interactive feature of choosing each candidate, you are able to make correlations you may have not even realized you were overlooking.